Our History

In 1956 Rafael Barea Adamúz began his professional career in Priego de Córdoba. After more than 30 years of experience as master craftsman upholsterer and recognized business person of this sector, it’s time for his retirement, giving way to the next generation.

B&C tapiceros S.L. company was founded in 1990. As founder’s heirs, supported and inspired by Rafael, we want to create and to develop a project which keeps the same quality, effort and service than before, but we also want to progress creating the perfect combination of craftsmanship, aesthetic, a cutting-edge design and comfort, offering a world of possibilities for the users. At the same time, we will feel rewarded by this evolution.

Our objective is to offer the widest range of solutions to provide you the best service in restoration, renovation or start-up of any type of project related to upholstery, curtain and awning sectors.

With traditional philosophy adapted to the current times, we want to offer you a section of integrated restoration of the antique upholstered furniture, with materials according to the period. We produce tailor-made upholstered furniture, from classical to avant-garde style, for the most demanding clients, with first-class materials and trough a semi-artisanal process which allows us to adapt our designs to the client’s taste and needs, creating this way unique furniture.

We also incorporate the section of manufacture and installation of curtains in all its varieties, from classical and traditional curtain to the most modern technical curtain in the market. We offer you any solution for covering your windows.

Concerning the solar protection sector, we have a wide range of manual or automatized awnings, traditional and technical textiles, so the sun won’t be a problem in your house or shop.

Our philosophy is keeping growing as an enterprise in order to offer to the clients any possibility at our fingertips.