Our Services


Integrated restoration of any kind of upholstered furniture, antique or modern, with a great variety of leather, textile and trimmings.We usematerials according to the period: strap and jute sacking, steel spring, vegetal mane… just like the gluing of frames and the varnishing of fine woods.

We make custom-made upholstered furniture, with first-class materials, and they are adapted to the client’s taste and needs, creating this way unique furniture.

Restoration, upholstery and production of chairs, armchairs, sofas, chaise-lounges, benches, units, stools, interior doors, folding screens, bed headboards, occasional tables, poles for processional floats, office’s seats, restoration and public locals.

We offer upholstery and carpeting of walls and shop windows, with a wide range of shades and textures harmonizing with the environment

We also offer self-propulsion and navigation services, by renewing the upholstery with a wide sample of leather, PVC and textile, according to the possibilities of every user.


We make and install traditional curtains using our great and varied tissue collection or tissues chosen by the client, with a large selection of accessories and mechanisms which make easier the device’s use.

We also have bars and galleries of wood, aluminum, wrought-iron, brass, metal, methacrylate and resin and manual or automatized rails available.

We produce and install technical curtains, with a wide range of systems and technical tissues, specifically pointed to shops, offices, public installations and homes.

But also foldable roller blind, paqueto blinds, austrian roller blinds, day and night roller blinds, pleated blinds, vertical slat blinds, roman and venetian blinds, Japanese panels and mosquito nets, all them motorized.

We make your bed clothes combined with your curtains, with a wide selection of textiles according to the environment: English quilts, quilt covers, acrylic quilts, feather duvet, comforters and semicomforters, couches, trundle beds and square cushions.

We make as well your tableclothes with different elaboration forms, conforming to the client’s taste and demands.


We install any kind of sunscreen system, manual and automatized. You can choose among a wide range of systems available on the market and a variety of tissues in different qualities: acrylic, PVC, screen, sunworker and soltis.

There are some systems: vertical fall, straight-arm, invisible arm, crossed arm, monoblock, chest, versatile, level, hood, awning, shelter, pagoda, canopy, arbor, sail and windbreak.

We replace damaged tissues by bad weather and rains and we also renew or update the broken or antiquated components of your system.

We make covers and thermal blankets for pools, completely adaptable to any shape and size, which make easier the total hibernation of water and a big saving of consumption and energy.